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World Rhino Day

Sifting through over 2000 Kruger National Park photos can be a completely daunting task. Luckily we managed to agree on just over 200 that we would like to showcase. We have decided to split up our specially chosen images into six different groups – today we start with Rhinos!

Why, because it’s World Rhino Day! We had the sweetest experience observing a White Rhino mom and her robust baby charging through the veld, looking confident and happy. This sighting is so rare and beautiful that we couldn’t help but stop and stare in awe of these gentle, peaceful creatures, treasuring each little moment we had with them.

Just before exiting the park, we were extremely lucky to see the ever elusive Black Rhino.

To find out a little bit more about today, head on over to the World Rhino Day website and see how the world is honouring these beauties.

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  1. Lisel says:

    They are such quietly noble creatures!

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