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Taming the Atlantis Dunes with our Suzuki Jimny

One perk of owning a Suzuki Jimny is membership of their very active 4×4 club. They regularly organise exciting outings and today we were lucky enough to join a large number of other enthusiastic Suzuki owners for an adventure in the Atlantis Dunes 40km ouside Cape Town.

Being fairly novice at the whole 4×4 hobby (this was only our fourth time offroad) and having had no experience in soft sand driving to date, Tamara and I were admittedly a little nervous, not knowing what to expect…

Following the advice of the more experienced guys we let our tyres down to 0.7 bar and carefully entered the seemingly endless white dune landscape. From the word go we had a blast! Serious fun I tell you. We spent about three hours exploring the dunes and the capabilities of our little vehicle. The Jimny did not let us down. In low range second gear, ascending even the steepest dune was hardly a challenge. Seeing how well we were doing gave Tamara the confidence boost she needed to give it a go and she promptly descended a rather intimidating slope without hesitation – see the four-part sequence shot!

On the way back we switched to high range and traversed the more gradual landscape smoothly and effectively. I must admit, due to our Cape winter the sand was not 100% dry, so in dry summer conditions the challenge may be a very different! Either way, we are keen to go back for more as soon as possible. Here are our visual impressions of the day:

A short clip of our friends Timothy and Catherine putting the pedal to the metal:


  1. Kobus says:

    Great! Geniet dit. Wanneer ons uiteindelik in die Kaap bly moet ons dalk ‘n paar roetes gaan ry? Mooi pics!

    1. Imar says:

      Dankie Oom Kobus, ja dit sal lekker wees om ‘n bietjie die Kaapse roetes te verken, ek dink daar is nogal baie!

  2. Eleanore Endemann says:

    Waar kan ek inligting kry aangaande Suzuki Jimny Club Kaapstad? En spesifiek ‘n persoon wat ek kan kontak m.b.t. vrae wat ek het?

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