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Mountain Zebra National Park

After hearing great reviews about The Mountain Zebra National Park, and seeing some impressive pictures, we decided to use the Easter weekend as a good excuse to take the trip up to the Eastern Cape. On the first night of our journey we stayed in beautiful Wilderness. Majority of the time it is misty and creates great photo opportunities. On the Friday we decided to continue our journey to the park. We camped in the park, and even though we were flooded out, had to move camp, froze and were continuously getting ‘caught in the rain’, we enjoyed it so much and look forward to going back there.


  1. Nadia says:

    Awesome :) Love the little running zebbie and the monkey. Also, think the inside of Ronnie’s Sex Shop was very well captured.

  2. Lisel says:

    Wonderful capturing of the atmosphere and the breathtaking beauty. I love the emotive quality of the selection… it actually brings a lump to my throat!

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