Above the Media

Canada 2013: Calgary

Part Nine: When you go overseas, it’s always a bonus if you manage to attend a cool concert or show you have been hoping to see. In our case, we were lucky enough to catch Tony Hawk doing a demo at Deerfoot Mall in Calgary! At first Madi, Tammy and Yenna were like “Tony who?”, but we dragged them along to join in the hype and we arrived just in time. In the car park was a huge ramp where Tony Hawk and a few other professional skaters were showing off their skills. Even though there was a safety net in the way I took LOADS of pictures but we managed to narrow them down a lot. The demo was only about 45 minutes and then Tony Hawk and the crew were swept off in their car and down came the ramp. A little disappointing that they didn’t stick around but we got to see Tony Hawk and that in itself was a dream come true! Since we drove about an hour to get to Calgary, Madi decided to show us around town.

We went up the Calgary Tower. Two things had to be conquered: my fear of elevators and my extreme fear of height. I had no choice but to go up the elevator, which tells you how many feet you are above the ground, but when it came to standing on the glass floor section and looking down from the top of the tower… I refused point blank. Bribery and physical pulling couldn’t get me to look down or stand on the glass section and at one point I had to sit down and drink a coke as my legs were numb and I felt extremely nauseous and faint. Beautiful views but not for people who suffer from acrophobia.

Calgary is a beautiful city with modern architectural structures surrounded by lush greenery and water. We saw some amazing sights that day. We ended our day in Calgary with a sweet treat at the Cheesecake Cafe. For cheesecake lovers it was amazing. All the different types of baked cheesecake flavours you can think of in generous sizes. Yum. A great time had all around.