Above the Media

A hyena pup beginning


Above The Media has existed in many different forms since 2006. This is the latest version. We (Tamara and Imar) decided to revive ATM as a way for us to be intentionally creative.

So how am I going to be intentionally creative you might ask? Well, Imar and I recently purchased a Canon DSLR camera before our December 2011 adventure. We set off in our little Suzuki Jimny from Cape Town in the South to the far North of South Africa and back. We have always just had a happy snappy camera, and that little guy was the reason Imar started ATM in the first place.

Don’t get me wrong, the old Kodak has served us well but the quality of pictures it produces are just not the same anymore. So… we decided a good camera would be an investment and an exciting way to spark the intentional creativity.

So yes, I’ll get to the point. ATM will now be a place to share the photos we take, stuff we do and to keep a record of things…

I used the baby Hyena pup, which I photographed in The Kruger National park recently, as a start to the blog because it’s new, young and fresh. Hopefully it won’t get old, stinky and grumpy.