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The Karoo National Park

Imar and I took advantage of Women’s day and made a long weekend out of it. We set out and after a 4 and a half hour drive, we arrived at the Karoo National Park, just outside Beaufort West. We did a lot of planning for this trip and even rented a trailer. The Jimny did really well with the extra load. On the way there we saw lots of snow capped mountains and tiny flowers trying to peep out early. The first two days were perfect, sunny with a slight chill. On Friday afternoon we took the Afsaal 4×4 trail in search of the 8 lions in the 88000 hectare park. This didn’t offer us lions, but instead beautiful Karoo landscape and a chance to use some of our recently acquired skills. On the third day there we went for a picnic and drive within the park along the Klipspringer pass. When nearing the end the most exciting thing happened. It started to snow!!! Being in snow as it is falling is a dream come true. We were so nervous about being snowed under that we forgot to stop and take a picture in it. After that we decided to head home a night early. We felt a bit down about the decision to avoid the muddy ground and wet, FREEZING conditions, but it was all for the best in the end. We don’t feel like we truly experienced the Karoo, but hope to return soon with a few more days to spare, as well as a few more rays of sun.


  1. Amy says:

    Lovely !! So when we going camping ? Awesome pics !

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