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Karoo National Park wildlife

We happened to find ourselves at the Karoo National Park over the National Women’s Day long weekend, incidentally the same place we went this time last year. The big difference was that this time we didn’t try camping among the snow capped mountains – instead we were fortunate enough to share one of the beautiful chalets with Tamara’s family. The place was teeming with wildlife, bro. Here are a few things we saw.


  1. nadia says:

    Woah! Amazing sightings… That owl is especially incredible.

  2. Imar says:

    Ja, somehow Tamara spotted that owl perched in a dry river bed. It was so well camouflaged. And those Grey Rhebok were ridiculously hard to spot in the grey grass. I actually only saw one at first and after taking the picture noticed the second… and then a third! Same thing with the Klipspringers – we only noticed the female to the right after a while.

  3. Lisel says:

    Also: ‘WOW’! Just love how you’ve captured all the facets of Karoo nature… You’re way too critical – the images are magical!

  4. Lisel says:

    (forgot to mention – i also wriggle with delight about the owl sighting and capturing of the moment)

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