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For the love of cats

Betty’s Bay. One of my favourite spots to chill and admire nature. We house sat about a month ago, and whilst doing so, Imar encouraged me to use the opportunity of perfect weather, charming cats and rich fynbos to do a little impromptu photo shoot. What follows next is an arrangement of cat pictures that, to me, capture the magical aspect of Betty’s Bay. Rusty and Sandokan were excellent models!


  1. tanee says:

    Love this post.. truly does capture the magic of betties..love the playful photos of rusty!

    1. Tamara says:

      Thanks Tanee!! xx

  2. Lisel says:

    Oh so delightful:
    You captured the gentle and quiet ambience of late autumn in Betty’s Bay… and the diverse ‘personalities’ of the two kitties!

    1. Tamara says:

      Thank you Ma! They really are completely different aren’t they?

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