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Elands Bay camping trip – salt in the air, sand in my hair

Spontaneous camping trips aimed at getting the most out of what is left of summer, are the best.  That’s exactly what happened last weekend. With our trusty camping checklist checked, my brother Calab literally packed into the back of the Bantam (the Jimny is becoming a bit small for all our equipment) and surfboards strapped to the roof, we hit the road and spent a warm weekend at one of our favourite, yet sadly neglected and shabby, camp sites. Lazy beach days, soccer with the local kids, skimboarding, rolling in the ocean (there was no surf), a picnic in the cave, afternoon snoozing, and yummy meals were the order of the day.

Next camping mission: Knysna Lakes. Can’t wait!


  1. belinda van boom says:

    Awesome pictures of your camping Tamara, Looks like you had fun.Awesome views Great photography color’s are vibrant ,not enough of you though Anyway take care and God Bless :)

    1. Tamara says:

      Thank you Aunty B! I guess that’s the problem when you’re the photographer in a group :) Although I must say, I prefer being behind the camera, rather than in front. :) Can’t wait to see you in a couple of months!! xxx

  2. Lisel says:

    Sun, sand, surf and sky… looks awesome!

    1. Tamara says:

      It most definitely was! :)

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