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Betty’s Bay

Imar and I decided to hitch a lift with his sister Nadia to Betty’s Bay where Imar’s folks stay, for the weekend. We even packed Rusty, our cat,  in too. What perfect weather it has been. Today we went to the romantic and beautiful place called the Botanical gardens and strolled in the winter sun to Disa Kloof. Once you reach the end you are welcomed with a pumping waterfall and if you are very lucky, a few hidden Disas. Here, just over 2 years ago, Imar proposed. Once we had taken full advantage of everything the garden had to offer us we went down to the beach where Imar dusted off his surf board and got into the water. You can’t help but love Betty’s Bay.


  1. Mädi says:

    Textured pictures loaded with soulfulness.
    I feel the moods and the cool, liquid air.
    I feel the sunshine; hear the water and the flow of
    your conversation. What a blessed place…

    1. Tamara says:

      Thank you Madi. It really is a blessed place and I love coming here. The nature calms me immediately, makes me feel human again.

  2. Mädi says:

    PLEASE create a Mädi-blog for me I’m!!
    I need to blog!
    I really need to become a blogger.
    Blog, blogger, bloggest…

  3. Mädi says:

    Or rather…blogist ;)

  4. Cath says:

    Very nice! Beautiful photos :)

    1. Tamara says:

      Thanks Catherine :)

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