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Addo Long Weekend

During the last few years we have always made use of the Easter Weekend to go somewhere interesting: Mountain Zebra National Park (2012), Grootvadersbosch (2013), Tergniet (2014, although apparently we neglected to post any pictures, oops), Wilderness (2015) and Diepwalle (2016). We have camped every year (except for 2014) and every year mother nature has put our mettle to the test with pouring rain and freezing temperatures. Quite honestly, it has become something of a tradition by now…

This year we accompanied Tamara’s folks to the Addo Elephant National Park. Frank and Karen had the good sense to stay in a chalet, but Tamara, Calab and I rolled the dice and opted for a camp site. And yes, it rained. By the time we packed up on Monday morning the tents were still thoroughly soaked, so with our wet gear in plastic bags, Tamara and I made the impromptu decision to spend the night camping at Wilderness (which happened to be sunny) in order to dry out.

As usual we really enjoyed the opportunity to observe and photograph the Eastern Cape’s scenery and wildlife. The weekend’s highlights included delicious potjiekos courtesy of Frank, being chased by elephants (twice), seeing the Easter Bunny on a gravel road and following two of Addo’s three “unofficial” cheetahs as they patrolled the borderline. I say unofficial because believe it or not, they broke into the reserve from a neighbouring game farm several months ago and decided to stay. We even caught a glimpse of the famous Addo lions just minutes before leaving the park.


Figure A (above): the look an elephant bull gives you the moment he takes offence to you poking a camera lens in his direction, and decides to give chase. Here are a few of our favourite pictures from the weekend:


  1. Lisel says:

    Photogenic people… awesome nature… I particularly love the pictures of the three puffed up starlings in and around the mud pool, the two buffalo sipping from the same tiny puddle and the Easter bunny in the road!

    1. Imar says:

      Haha yes, the buffaloes and starlings both seemed to be intrigued by the muddy puddles even though there was more than enough water around. Also interesting to compare the horns of the bull and cow drinking from the puddle…

  2. Brendan & Jules says:

    Looks awsome… we off there this weekend and hopeing for some good sightings too… ps next time feel free to pop in and stay with us in George….

    1. Imar says:

      Thank you, we will certainly keep that in mind next time!

  3. tanee says:

    Lovely!! My fav: the fox creature, the baby ellie and the lonely zebra having deep and meaningful thoughts about life..

    1. Imar says:

      Thank you Tanee! Interesting, you also commented on the fox (black-backed jackal) picture last time we posted about Addo :) http://www.abovethemedia.com/addo-trip/

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